All-In-One Filter Cleaner

Professional strength, deep penetrating filter degreases all filters without long-term harm to the media.  Spray on or soak for effective cleaning.

Product Details


  • Complex formula contains wetting agents, surfactants, cleaning compounds and releasing agents
  • Quickly loosens and removes oils, combined organic matters, calcium deposits and biguinide polymer material
  • Can be used as a backwash or as a soak cleaner
  • Compatible with all types of sanitizers
  • Compatible with all filter types


  • Retain the full efficiency of your filter; Improves water clarity
  • Helps protect pool equipment
  • If solution re-enters pool, will not affect pool chemistry


  • Quick Clean – Sand Filter:
    Turn off inlets for all chemical feeders. With pump running and filter in the backwash position add 6 – 16 ounces through the skimmer
  • Optional Sand– Filter Cleaning:
    Add directly into the filter media, let soak for 4 hours or longer. After soaking, start pump with filter in the backwash position.
  • Quick Clean– Cartridge and DE filters:
    Remove media from filter and spray from top to bottom. Allow to stand for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with a hose and replace for normal operation
  • Optional Cartridge and DE filters cleaning:
    Add 16 ounces of Filter Clean to 2.5 gallons of fresh water. Remove media from filter and soak in solution for 30 minutes or longer. Remove and rinse

Available Sizes

1 qt bottle

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