CS Bromine Tabs 1.5lbs Bottle Match

Spa Bromine Tabs

Chlorine is good for spa use. Bromine is best for spa use. So many benefits in a tiny little tablet.

Product Details


  • Reliable sanitizing for safe spa or hot tub operation
  • Brominating Tabs are the best sanitizer for warm, heavily used water environments
  • Slow dissolving. long lasting tablets


  • Bromine continuously sanitizes the water regardless of conditions, which makes it the superior choice in spas
  • Unlike chlorine, bromine is effective regardless of the pH level in water
  • Lower odor than chlorine maintenance


  • Start spa with Bromide Builder
  • Introduce Bromine Tabs into the spa to introduce a 2-4 ppm of bromine
  • Use of dispenser is recommended
  • Amount of tablets used will vary on spa make/model, frequency of use, level of bromine maintained, etc

Available Sizes

1.5 lb bottle
4 lb pail

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